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2yr/24 mile nationwide warranty on labor


Seeking trustworthy Auto/Car Key Services in Romeoville, Illinois? Precision Diagnostics is your all-in-one solution for car key issues, from routine key replacements to urgent auto key fob repairs and beyond. Our expert team is dedicated to offering a premier service that suits your every need.

Expansive Key Services at Your Fingertips

Our offerings are broad and multifaceted, encompassing a range of key services:


Auto Key Fob & Remote Repair in Romeoville: Misplaced your keys or dealing with a malfunctioning remote? We have you covered. Our adept team can craft a new key fob promptly, allowing you to get back on the road in no time. 


Car Key Creation in Romeoville, IL: We offer excellent car key manufacturing services in Romeoville, IL. So, if you happen to lose or damage your key, you won't need to pause your driving routine. 


Car Key Duplication: Fancy an extra car key for peace of mind? We can duplicate your car key, thus alleviating any worries. 


Repair for Damaged Car Keys: If your key is broken or compromised, our team can repair it, which is usually more cost-effective than purchasing a new one. 


Automotive Key Assistance

Require help with your car keys? Our Automotive Key Service is proficient in handling all types of car keys. Be it a conventional key, a transponder key with an embedded chip, or a smart key that requires no manual insertion, we're here to assist!

Home-Visit Car Key Service

Can we visit your home to create car keys or modify locks? Absolutely! We understand the difficulty of moving a vehicle without a key. Hence, we bring our Car Key Service to your doorstep. We'll fix your car keys right where your vehicle is stationed – a remarkably convenient offering!

Truck Key Assistance

And if you own a truck instead of a car? No issues! We also cater to truck keys, providing efficient and high-quality fixes. This is what we call our Truck Key Service. So, truck drivers, remember, we're always ready to help!

Cost of Our Services

Our service cost varies based on the key type and the complexity of the problem. Nevertheless, we ensure our prices are competitive and provide significant value. We also offer upfront pricing, thus avoiding any hidden surprises. 

Capabilities of Our Key Duplication Machine

Our advanced key duplication machine can clone an extensive range of keys, from automotive to residential and commercial keys. This versatility allows us to accommodate a vast spectrum of customer needs. 


Types of Keys We Handle: 


Standard Car Keys: These are metallic keys with unique cuts, much like your house keys. The cuts fit precisely into your car's door lock and ignition, enabling you to unlock the vehicle and start the engine. 


Transponder Keys: These are intelligent keys that have a tiny chip inside that communicates with your car. If the car recognizes the signal from the chip when you insert the key into the ignition, it starts. This feature enhances your car's security. 


Laser Cut Keys: These keys are special, with a unique pattern laser-cut into them. This pattern is more difficult to replicate than that of ordinary keys, adding an extra layer of security. 


Proximity Keys: These keys are pretty impressive. They allow you to start the car without inserting them into the ignition, as the car can detect when the key is nearby, like in your pocket or bag. 


Key Fobs: These are small devices that can remotely lock and unlock your car and even start the engine or open the trunk in some cases. They're highly convenient, and if they malfunction, our Auto key fob Romeoville service can repair or replace them. 

Why Select Precision Diagnostics?

As the leading Auto Key FOB service in Romeoville, Illinois, our commitment to excellence distinguishes us. Here are a few reasons to opt for our services: 

Quality: We promise top-tier services performed by trained and seasoned professionals. 

Reliability: We assure prompt responses and on-time delivery for all our services. 

Convenience: Our mobile service eliminates the need for you to bring your vehicle to us – we'll come to you! 

Trustworthiness: We're a reputable company with a wealth of satisfied customers in and around Romeoville. 

What's our service area?

We proudly serve the entire Romeoville region, ensuring every car owner has access to our highly-rated Auto Key FOB services. Whether it's an Auto key fob Romeoville repair or any other key-related service, we are your ideal solution.

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