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2yr/24 mile nationwide warranty on labor


Nestled in the bustling heart of Bolingbrook, Precision Diagnostics emerges as your definitive source for all auto key predicaments. We excel in offering premier services for Auto Key Fob Bolingbrook, guaranteeing a solution to prevent lockouts from your automobile.

An Array of Key Services at Your Beck and Call

Our proficient team delivers an array of key-oriented services: 


Car Key Fob & Remote Replacement: Misplaced your keys or facing a faulty remote? We're here to help. Our adept technicians can substitute your key fob swiftly, letting you hit the road again.

Auto Key Replacement in Bolingbrook, IL: We extend supreme services for car key replacement in Bolingbrook, IL, making sure your vehicle isn't grounded due to a misplaced or broken key.

Car Key Duplication: Seeking a backup key for your vehicle? We can replicate your car keys, offering you the reassurance you desire.

Repair of Broken or Damaged Car Keys: If your key is impaired or broken, our team can mend it, sparing you the expense and inconvenience of obtaining a new one. 


Auto Key Service

Our auto locksmiths in Bolingbrook, IL, go beyond mere car unlocking. We proffer a gamut of services, including: 

  • Fabricating fresh keys for your vehicle 

  • Extracting jammed keys from locks Replacing car door locks

  • Revamping entire ignition systems

Drawing on years of expertise, we assure our auto key services in Bolingbrook are swift, efficient, and trustworthy. 

Car Key Assistance

Our services extend beyond simply unlocking vehicles. We cater to car key services like:

  • Extracting jammed keys from locks

  • Duplication or replacement of keys

  • In specific cases, replacing entire locks and ignition switches.

Truck Key Assistance

Truck keys are intricate, often encoded with a unique code that corresponds to your vehicle. If you misplace your key, reaching out to a locksmith won't suffice. But worry not! We make your plight less onerous by liaising with your truck's dealership, elucidating the situation, and guaranteeing a flawless replacement.


A Range of Key Services at Your Disposal

We specialize in an array of key types. If you're questioning, "Which car keys and key fobs require programming?" we cater to all, from transponder keys to traditional mechanical cut keys

Cost of the Service?

One frequent query we receive is about the cost of the service. While the final expenditure hinges on the complexity of the task and the key type, we always strive to offer our services at affordable rates. For a detailed estimate, please contact us directly.

Types of Keys

This Machine Can Duplicate? Our advanced machines can reproduce a broad spectrum of keys, including but not limited to:


Classic Car Keys: These are conventional metal keys, the simplest form of keys that have been in use for ages. Our machines can quickly and accurately replicate classic car keys at a fraction of dealership costs.


Transponder Keys: These keys contain a chip that communicates with the car's ignition system, enhancing security. We have the necessary technology to duplicate transponder keys, ensuring the new key fob integrates seamlessly with your car. 


Laser Cut Keys: These keys, also known as sidewinder or high-security keys, have a distinctive winding cut on the shank. Their pattern is more complex to duplicate, offering additional security. We have the capability to replicate these keys with precision. 


Proximity Keys: Proximity or smart keys enable keyless entry and ignition. They work in close proximity to the vehicle, allowing the unlocking or starting of the car just by being nearby. Our cutting-edge machines can replicate these advanced keys. 


Key Fobs: A key FOB (frequency-operated button) is a compact security device with inbuilt authentication protocols. It usually allows access to the object it protects, such as a vehicle. With our specialized Auto Key Fob Bolingbrook & car remote replacement services, you can get a reliable FOB duplicate, ensuring uninterrupted access to your vehicle. 

Why Select Precision Diagnostics? 

Choosing us for your Auto Key Fob Bolingbrook needs translates into opting for quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed. We don't just unlock vehicles but also create new keys, remove jammed keys, and can replace the whole ignition system. We stock parts from all key lock manufacturers, assuring a top-quality, lasting solution.

In need of additional auto-related services in Bolingbrook? Consider Auto Repair Services Plainfield for extended support.


Connect with Us Today! Don't let a lost or impaired key ruin your routine. Contact us today for all your car key requirements. Your journey to a stress-free driving experience begins here!

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